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Goal: At the end of the course, you will know how to develop apps for Android phones and tablets using App Inventor 2 of MIT which is based on using blocks (like legos) to assemble and build the app. 

Audience: Adults and children of age 10 years or older.  They will see how easy is to develop games and so many apps and run in front of your own eyes on Android! As this course uses a fifth generation technology that does not require any complex computer programming such as Java, C, Python, etc., any one who is keen on making Android apps can join.

Course Wkly Schedule (Starts Oct 4th, Every Saturday 7 pm - 9 pm ET):

Wk -1
Introduction to App Inventor 2
Setup Development Environment on the Laptop or Computer
Blocks & Event Driven Programming
Build Drawings and Animations
Building Game apps
Build apps with Texting and Location Sensing
Building a Quiz Application
Creating Custom Blocks and Procedures
Build Apps with User generated data
Build apps that communicates with the Web
Summary and challenges


(1) A laptop or desk top (PC or Mac) connected to internet during the entire sessions of the course. No prior knowledge of computer programming is required but knowledge of computer is required.  Supported platforms are: Any Mac OS, Windows 7, Windows XP. Windows 8 is not supported.

(2) It should have Firefox or Chrome installed and running. Internet Explorer is not supported.

(3) Keen interest to learn developing applications for Android mobile phones and tablets is required

(4) An Android phone is preferred as it will be very effecting during the course. However, if you don't have a phone, a software simulator can be used, but won't be as realistic as the real phone.

Course Delivery:



To enroll send an email to

  • Instructor: Geeta Jarholiya
  • Course Start Date: Mon May 5th, 2014
  • Course End Date: Approx 10 wks from start date
  • Course Schedule: Mon and Wed from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Total Instruction Hours: Approx 40
  • Total Sessions: 20
  • Course Cost: USD 300
  • Course Delivery: LIVE lectures over webex. Supported by our blogging system
  • Pre-requisite: Prior programming knowledge in any language is preferred
  • Course Audience: Professionals, College and High School students

To enroll: